APPEAL FOR PARTICIPANTS Further to a residency by Camille Hervouet in Forillon

APPEAL FOR PARTICIPANTS Further to a residency by Camille Hervouet in Forillon

Rencontres has been hosting Camille Hervouet for an artistic residency; the French photographer’s work scrutinizes the relationships between nature, architecture and inhabitants. As part of a Franco-Québec exchange between the regions of Vendée and the Gaspé, she was in Forillon National Park from April 13 to 21, 2016, to carry out a research project on “the memory work undertaken by the Regroupement de personnes expropriées de Forillon [Alliance of people expropriated in Forillon], their descendants and Parks Canada.”

“…the panels set up at the entrance to the trails together with the interviews collected convey with deep emotion the lifestyles and the relationships between the people,” states the artist. “They faithfully express history as it happened and the lives of those who lived through it. My project will be complementary to the work already done.”

Appeal for participants

Camille Hervouet has launched a story-collecting project with the local population. Her aim is to “gather descriptions of the homes and of their surroundings from residents [of Forillon] and their descendants and, with their consent…present the data sheets and the photographs taken during the expropriations. That will make it possible for spectators/readers to follow what is described at the sites and to create for themselves, based on the words, a picture of what has been. ”

Her story-collecting runs until June 30, 2016. The descriptions can be emailed directly to or to They can also be sent by regular mail to Rencontres staff, who will forward them to Camille Hervouet.

The artist will be offering each participant a 13 x 18 cm (5 x 7 inch) print of a landscape photo that she’s taken in Forillon National Park. In addition, each one will receive a partnership agreement specifying the conditions governing use of the material and guarantying respect for their rights, and will be notified of each exhibition.

Instructions for descriptions

– Write out photo descriptions by hand or on the computer, on 1 or 2 pages maximum.

– Note down a title: “My house, “X’s house,” “House located at… ” or another title of your choosing.

– Begin by describing the exterior of the house: size, shapes, colors, construction materials.

– Then describe the number of rooms, their layout, indoor materials (walls, floors…).

– Mention the general appearance of the building, its distinctive features.

– Describe the furniture, the objects.

– Touch on the surrounding landscape.

Further content that strikes you as interesting and that you feel like sharing in connection with the photographs may be added.

The exhibition of Camille Hervouet’s project will be presented this summer in Vendée, while an exhibit in the Gaspé will take place in summer 2017 during the 8th edition of Rencontres, at Forillon National Park. The project may afterwards travel to other towns or countries.

Rencontres thanks the public in advance for their participation in this work on collective memory and landscapes!

This project was made possible thanks to support from the Fonds franco-québécois pour la coopération décentralisée.


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