Territoires imprimés

Rencontres has developed, since 2015, a partnership with Diaphane – Pôle photographique en Picardie. This association allows us to work together on promoting artists from Québec and France, the discipline of photography, and the Gaspé and Picardy regions.

This international partnership consists of an exchange in which two Québec artists are hosted in residency in Beauvais (Picardy, France) and whose work is exhibited as part of the Photaumnales festival, and the next year at Rencontres. A French artist is accommodated in residency in the Gaspé, and his or her work is presented at the following edition of Rencontres.

In 2017, Québec artists Jessica Auer and Normand Rajotte, and the French photographer selected, Ambroise Tézenas, present the results of their residencies in the 8th edition of Rencontres.

The Gaspé–Vendée

In collaboration with the General Regional Counsel of Vendée, in western France, Rencontres is offering an exchange residency between the Gaspé and Vendée wherein one French artist is hosted in the Gaspé and one Québec artist gets to do a residency in France on the Vendée landscape. The artists present their work at the Vendéthèque in Montaigu, France, and as part of Rencontres.

Residences in 2016: Camille Hervouet, France; Maryse Goudreau, Québec
Exhibit at Rencontres in 2016: Maryse Goudreau, Québec
Exhibit at Rencontres in 2017: Camille Hervouet, France